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Whether you are already established or newly opened business, I will provide you with full support when managing your social media platforms or creating your marketing strategies. Let me save you valuable time and take care of your marketing management needs.

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About Avoraza

Avoraza is a reverse of Azarova - my great-grandmother's and grandmother's maiden name. Both of these women left a huge impact on who I am as a person today. I wanted to honour them, show how much they mean to me, and create something I wanted my whole life - an organisation where I would not have to work a day as I love what I do with all my heart - same as I love these two incredible women.
I want to share my passion and engage your business with the target audience while using content that is relative, emotional, and relatable - like the meaning of my brand.



Social Media Management

No time for capturing posts or news? No worries! I am here to help with all of it from top to bottom.

Step 1: You introduce me to your brand or organisation. What does it stand for? What does it have to say? Let me know your goals, your target market, and needs which you are looking to establish through social media.

Step 2: I am working on your marketing plan and analysing your competitors, current social media platforms (if there are any), and providing you with recommendations and potential strategy.

Step 3: Your review – final amendments and edits to create a complete marketing plan.

Step 4: I am taking over the management of your business’ social media platforms. I create and publish the content, edit the information, and undertake the analysis of content performance and audience engagement.

Step 5: We review the social media’s insights weekly/monthly and discuss the strategies, changes, and further plans of action. Our partnership continues.

Marketing Events

Events are one of the best offline marketing strategies. Consumers like experience-based advertising where they can use their senses and later on, relate them to that brand or business. 
Here is a step by step guide on the full process:

Step 1: We discuss the specifics: What kind of event are you looking to host? We will also cover details such as location, date, audience, and purpose.

Step 2: I prepare a brief event plan and present it to you so we can discuss the amendments and finalise the details.

Step 3: The event organisational process begins! Scheduling and planning.

Step 4: The event is happening.

Step 5: We evaluate the success of the event, review the pros and cons, and suggest future improvements if needed.

Social Media Training

Want to take care of your own social media platform but do not have enough knowledge on how to do it? I can help! With this specifically designed course, I will teach you everything you need to know.

The courses include:

  • Introduction to social media platforms

  • Analysis of your business’ demographics

  • Competitor analysis

  • Post publication and management

  • Paid advertisement

  • Content creation: tools and resources

  • Insights and performance review


Past and Present Clients

Newark Shop Maximal

Eastern European Food Shop

Home Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services

Newham All Star Sports Academy

Charity/Community Supporter

Beauty Lounge Green

Hair and Beauty Services


It is such a pleasure working with Erika! She is professional, easy-going, and creative. Looking forward to continuous years of partnership.

Jurgita, Newark Shop Maximal


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