Your child's activity on the Internet

🛑 Nowadays, most kids spend time online. Youtube is one of the most important and influential tools for children. Although there are plenty of benefits Youtube can bring to a child, there is so much negative and dangerous content too! To tackle this issue, YouTube has developed a new process that will enable parents to monitor their child's YouTube activity via a connected experience. Through this new option, parents will be able to select from three levels of supervi

Recharge Yourself

There are days when you don't feel like doing anything. When your creative juices just simply stop flowing. It's okay not to feel okay sometimes - take a break and evaluate things. Do not force yourself, it won't bring you any good. Take your time. Rest. Recharge. ⚡️♻️ #socialmedia #some #marketing

Benefits of Working From Home

Benefits of working from home! 🏡 You get to sit in your PJs all day, do your work, take breaks when you want to, start or finish your day any time and still deliver the results! 🤩👏🏻💯 Have a great week my lovelies, enjoy the sunshine ☀️ #socialmedia #some #marketing


More often than not, we experience moments in our lives that make us feel unmotivated. It is important, though, to not let them bring us down in the pursuit of acceptance. In the past few weeks, Avoraza has been focusing on marketing on TikTok, and I, the marketing coordinator, have been taking a leap of faith in the search for fame. But fame is a big word, because I was just trying to create valuable content and get the appreciation deserved. However, one of my videos has go

Hashtags And How To Use Them

Things you need to know when using HASHTAGS! 💻 There are so many hashtags to choose from but which ones are the best? This short guide will help you to understand the basics and will increase your awareness and presence in social media. 🤩 1. You can use up to 30 hashtags - to make the most of it use 10 # which have between 400k and 800k followers, another 10 # which have between 100k and 300k followers and last 10 # which have between 10k and 100k followers. This will help

The Validation of Others Does Not Matter

More often than not, we achieve things by thinking about how certain people in our lives will be proud of us, and that is wrong. Here is why: First of all, the validation of others is an external influence that modifies the way we perform. Humans love having a greater purpose, which can be a good thing. However, when we deal with certain people that expect too much or are never satisfied with our work, that is where we, as individuals, need to step in and have a shift of mind

How to find motivation when you don’t feel like moving a muscle

We’ve all had those days where we are just laying in bed, contemplating how unproductive we are in that moment. Sometimes, a maniacal urge to get up and be extremely productive may occur, but that does not happen all the time. So, what do we do when procrastination seems like the heaviest disease humanity can ever witness? Usually, I like to take it step by step, and the process is the following: 1. Find out what I need to do This is probably the most important aspect you sho