More often than not, we experience moments in our lives that make us feel unmotivated. It is important, though, to not let them bring us down in the pursuit of acceptance.

In the past few weeks, Avoraza has been focusing on marketing on TikTok, and I, the marketing coordinator, have been taking a leap of faith in the search for fame. But fame is a big word, because I was just trying to create valuable content and get the appreciation deserved.

However, one of my videos has gone semi-viral, and with the so-called fame, I received a lot of hate. It was not just hate in any form, it was fatshaming. Having just woken up, I checked my phone just like any other person would do in the morning, and became aware of the fact that I have been flooded with comments.

The video uploaded was not even about body positivity or a human’s weight in any way, but somehow hate-filled people found it and decided to turn their frustrations towards me, a plus-sized woman.

Although this experience was hurtful, I chose to accept it as part of my online journey, which has been more than delightful up until now.

They say there no such such thing as bad publicity, so I just let them be. No response, no engaging with my haters, just another mountain to climb in this thing called career.

To fluffy women and their haters! 🥂

#socialmedia #fatshaming #bodypositivity

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