Hashtags And How To Use Them

Things you need to know when using HASHTAGS! 💻

There are so many hashtags to choose from but which ones are the best? This short guide will help you to understand the basics and will increase your awareness and presence in social media. 🤩

1. You can use up to 30 hashtags - to make the most of it use 10 # which have between 400k and 800k followers, another 10 # which have between 100k and 300k followers and last 10 # which have between 10k and 100k followers. This will help your content to achieve your audience and will ensure you stay in your specific niche for quite some time.

2. Don't use hashtags which have more than 1 million followers, your content will get lost instantly due to popularity.

3. Don't forget to use hashtags in your story - you can have up to 10 #, so USE THEM! However, for the stories, you can use more popular hashtags which have around 1-2 million followers.

4. Keep a list of your hashtags and switch them daily, to get more engagement! If your hashtags are the same all the time, your content will stop getting noticed.

5. Check your insights to see how many people have checked your post because of the hashtags - this will help you to evaluate your current hashtags and improve them if needed. After some time, you will have a well-developed hashtag plan which will help you get engagement, publicity and awareness!


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