The Validation of Others Does Not Matter

More often than not, we achieve things by thinking about how certain people in our lives will be proud of us, and that is wrong. Here is why:

First of all, the validation of others is an external influence that modifies the way we perform. Humans love having a greater purpose, which can be a good thing. However, when we deal with certain people that expect too much or are never satisfied with our work, that is where we, as individuals, need to step in and have a shift of mindset.

You need to start doing thing for yourself. Yes, you heard me right. You need to put yourself first, especially in the professional life, which can be quite competitive most of the time. I have felt a great deal of stress in my life because I allowed certain individuals rule my academic and professional life, and that is, perhaps, the worst thing I could have done to myself. With family being so focused on academic performance, I was expected to achieve perfect results every time. And believe me, it was so disappointing when I received a mark that was less that perfect.

Do not expect perfection. Nobody is perfect. Not even Beyonce. She has admitted quite a number of times that she has plenty of flaws, but she works at trying to conceal them to give the illusion of perfection. Instead, aspire for excellence.

Do not forget to smile today and forgive yourself for being so harsh on yourself! 😊

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