When technical difficulties appear...

Let's be honest, it happened to everyone. Powerpoint not working, presenting the wrong slides, Zoom meetings not connecting etc. It can happen to anyone, even to the best of us. It can happen in the most unexpected and embarrassing moment. Some could say it’s just Murphy’s Law gracefully manifesting itself into our lives…either way, it happens.

Truth is, whatever happens is meant to happen. One important thing that failing has taught me is that you can get a second shot at almost everything. If the first time did not go well, second time will definitely be better. The cycle of improvement is unavoidable when you keep repeating things for the sake of perfecting your craft.

And second chances can mean anything. Every second we live we get a second chance at living, and every moment we doubt ourselves is an additional shot to achieving our dreams. Take every fall as a way to tell yourself that sometimes you have to see the world from a different perspective. An ant’s perspective will be different than a giraffe’s perspective, and it is important to see both in order to get a good idea of the surroundings.

No matter of the nature of the issue that has occurred, you got this! Things happen, and we can only get past them and look forward to a bright future.

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